SEE: Emily Clibourn – Fool’s Gold

emily clibourn2

Emily Clibourn

“Fool’s Gold”

Emily Clibourn

Sultry, that’s the first word that comes to me after hearing Emily Clibourn.  If there were sirens out there, casting their aural nets to lure unsuspecting sailors to their death, the choir would be led by the beautiful voice of Clibourn.  She reminds the listener of a more alive, sexier del Rey or an adult Likke Li (no insult to the other two; del Rey and Li are heroes of mine.)  It is just that Clibourn’s sexy, bluesish voice has all the right qualities to make the listener feel sexy her/himself.  Let’s put it this way:  if music were romance, Clibourn’s music would be sex.  I love her.  Next bedroom experience will be to the sound of Clibourn’s rich voice.  Oh, and her production is perfect; always supporting her voice, never overwhelming.  AMAZING.


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