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We had the pleasure of hearing Wila Frank’s “Tonight” today. Frank is certain to become a hit as her emotive, passionate singing feels like you’re touching the soul of someone. It’s a heartfelt, acoustic track with sung with quiet fervor. Frank’s accompany music videos shot in a room viewing the outside world. The immediate message is that there’s a disconnect of sorts and a distance from other life. Check out the video above and read more about Wila Frank’s below:

More About Wila Frank:

Nashville-based artist Wila Frank today shared “Tonight,” the latest single from her forthcoming album Black Cloud, due out May 12th via Tone Tree Music. The track builds on an intricate, arpeggiated acoustic guitar, and is bolstered by ethereal atmospherics–it’s an impressive showcase of Frank’s technical prowess and her heartfelt songwriting. “‘Tonight’ is about recognizing your own pain in someone else,” says Frank. “As humans, I think we are all mirrors to one another and we long for each other in order to understand ourselves.” Frank has also announced East Coast tour dates, including two NYC shows at Rockwood Music Hall and Brooklyn’s The Owl, as well as two hometown shows at Dee’s Lounge and The 5 Spot–a full itinerary is listed below and you can purchase tickets HERE. Stream “Tonight” via all DSPs HERE.

Wila Frank makes music that’s searching, cinematic, and introspective with scalpel-like precision. Her songs can clear the air, putting to music emotions that are deeply felt but only rarely spoken. With her debut album Black Cloud, the 24-year-old songwriter immediately sets a mesmerizing mood that showcases her evocative lyricism as well as her tasteful ear as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Though just eight tracks, the album is a resounding statement of intent, an introduction to a fully-formed voice and perspective that boasts a freewheeling ability to jump between genres and textures. This is an artist bravely coming into her own and making something thrilling and alive. “This album is about longing for a feeling of freedom, wanting to create my own world outside of the world I was living in,” she says.

While Frank’s raw lyrics can recall Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker, she was inspired by artists like PJ Harvey and Anna Calvi just as much as the brooding soundscapes of Massive Attack and Radiohead. And though her vision as a producer and multi-instrumentalist shaped the album, she enlisted her former roommate bassist Royal Masat (Billy Strings), drummer Wendy Killman (Jehnny Beth), and mixing engineer Sam Petts-Davies (Radiohead) to help fulfill it.

Black Cloud is a testament to an artist taking risks and being honest with herself. “There’s an element of escapism and processing my past, but this album is really about expressing parts of myself that I don’t share in my everyday life,” she says. “It’s me speaking the things I can’t say in words.”

Wila Frank Tour Dates:

4/03 – Nashville, TN – Dee’s Lounge

Ton4/10 – Baltimore, MD – House Show

4/11 – Philadelphia, PA – Rigby Mansion

4/12 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall

4/13 – North Bennington, VT – Pangaea

4/16 – Brooklyn, NY – The Owl

5/13 – Nashville, TN – The 5 Spot

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