SEE: Psych-Folk Innovators | Altin Gün – “Doktor Civanim“

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Altin Gün has just released “Doktor Civanim”, which exquisitely exhibits their perfection of psych-folk rock blend. For those of you unfamiliar with the band you can read more below!

Altin Gün is a Dutch-Turkish psychedelic rock band that formed in 2016. The band’s unique sound blends traditional Turkish folk music with Western psychedelic rock, creating a captivating and vibrant musical experience. They have gained international recognition for their energetic performances and their ability to reimagine and revitalize classic Turkish songs from the 60s and 70s.

One of the standout aspects of Altin Gün’s music is their seamless fusion of different cultural influences. They skillfully combine traditional Turkish instruments like the saz and the darbuka with electric guitars, bass, and drums, resulting in a rich and dynamic sound. Their arrangements are often layered and intricate, showcasing the band members’ impressive musicianship.

Altin Gün’s reinterpretations of classic Turkish songs are both respectful and innovative. They manage to retain the essence and nostalgia of the original compositions while infusing them with a modern twist. The band’s ability to capture the spirit of the past while making it relevant to contemporary audiences is truly commendable.

Their debut album, “On,” released in 2018, introduced the world to their unique musical style. The album received critical acclaim and established Altin Gün as a rising force in the global psychedelic rock scene. Songs like “Goca Dunya” and “Cemalim” showcase their ability to take traditional Turkish melodies and transform them into catchy, infectious tunes.

In 2019, Altin Gün released their second album, “Gece,” which further solidified their reputation as an exciting and boundary-pushing band. The album’s title track, “Gece,” is a prime example of their ability to create a mesmerizing and hypnotic atmosphere through their music.

Overall, Altin Gün is a band that deserves recognition for their innovative approach to blending traditional Turkish music with psychedelic rock. Their music is infectious, melodic, and full of energy, and it has the power to captivate audiences regardless of their cultural background. Whether you are familiar with Turkish folk music or not, Altin Gün’s music is a joyful and exhilarating experience that transcends boundaries.

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