The Beatle’s “Yesterday” Originally Intended To Be An Early Electronica Song

Paul McCartney revealed that the legendary Beatles song “Yesterday” was originally intended to have an electronica backing. McCartney even approached early electronica music pioneer Delia Derbyshire about producing the track. Derbyshire was one of the first electronica music artists most famous for her work on the ‘Doctor Who’ theme utilizing feedback and bits of tape to create the electronica sound we’ve come to know in so much of our music today. McCartney states “I even found out where Miss Derbyshire lived, and went round to visit her. We even went into the hut in the bottom of her garden. It was full of tape machines and funny instruments. My plan in meeting her was to do an electronic backing for my song, “Yesterday.”

Delia Derbyshire circa 1960’s

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  1. I know! I would have LOVED to hear what that would have sounded like. It probably would have sounded much like a Radiohead song today.

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