True Rock n Roll: The Warlocks – “Lonesome Bulldog”

Photo by Steven Olmos

Photo by Steven Olmos

The Warlocks

“Lonesome Bulldog”

Songs From The Pale Eclipse

The Warlocks are back, doing that voodoo they do do so well.  Seriously, if you’re a fan of Neil Young (and if you’re not, I can’t trust you ever), you will love The Warlocks.  They have that sound of lonesomeness and longing.  Front man Bobby Hecksher grew up in the swamps of Tampa Bay, Florida where he was practically raised at a radio station owned his grandfather and where his mum also worked as a secretary.  Hecksher sucked up the music and The Warlocks came out.  Throughout their 15-year existence, The Warlocks have always offered up their take on the Velvet Underground, CCR, and Krautrock (as well as Young) all delivered through the twisted mind of Hecksher.  Hecksher explains,

Songs From The Pale Eclipse is a collection I’ve been wanting to get to for the last decade or so. We’ve sifted through stacks of demos, odds and ends on my 8-track…not everything fits like it’s one cohesive album; it’s not supposed to! In this modern age, you can pick and choose as you like!”

And pick and choose you must.  There is not a bad track on this album.  If you like rock n roll, you will love The Warlocks.  It’s time for them to get the love they have always deserved.

Songs From The Pale Eclipse 

1. Only You
2. Lonesome Bulldog
3. Easy to Forget
4. Dance Alone
5. We Took All The Acid
6. Love Is A Disease
7. Drinking Song
8. Special Today
9. I Warned You
10. The Arp Made Me Cry

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