SEE: Pop Music | Chappell Roan – “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl”

Chappell Roan is a fierce new artist from Los Angeles that debuted in 2017 with her EP School Nights but Roan just released her first full-length album, The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess, and it is a banger! … Continue Reading

HEAR: Electronic Music | ODESZA + Yellow House – ‘Flaws In Our Design’

ODESZA today have announced the Flaws in Our Design collaborative EP with Yellow House (Cape Town-based songwriter/producer/instrumentalist Emile van Dango) that will drop on July 21 via Foreign Family Collective/Ninja Tune. The ‘Flaws in Our Design’ EP will also be … Continue Reading

DANCE: Intriguing Club Music | Jessy Lanza – ‘Love Hallucination’

Jessy Lanza brings an intriguing and fresh perspective to dance music with this very evolved sound that feels/sounds completely new on first listen. You will quickly become entranced with the lush melodies, sultry sounds and hypnotic beats. This is dance … Continue Reading

HEAR/DANCE: Lindstrøm – Everyone Else Is A Stranger

Lindstrom is a perfectionist when it comes to his music. Everyone Else Is A Stranger is pure perfection that feels like you’re listening to music from another universe. The atmospheric and expansive melodies bop and bounce with beautiful buoyancy in … Continue Reading

HNAF (Hot New Album Fridays): Jessie Ware Releases ‘That! Feels Good!’

Jessie Ware, English singer-songwriter, has gained critical acclaim for her soulful, sophisticated pop music. Her music is characterized by her smooth vocals, elegant melodies, and polished production, which draw from a range of influences including R&B, electronic music, and jazz. … Continue Reading

Upbeat Disco/Dance | Alex Anwandter – “Precipicio”

Alex Anwandter is mastering the art of dance/disco and shines through with his new intricately layered disco-influenced, synth masterpiece “Precipicio”. We dare you to sit still and listen to this—-it’s impossible, we tried! Check out the video and the full … Continue Reading

LIVE REVIEW: Not Off The RAC – 3/25 Webster Hall

Not Off The RAC By Servando Rosario Remix Artist Collective, or also known as RAC, is an artist partnership group started by Andre Anjos from Portland, OR in 2007. The group has featured members from across the country and is … Continue Reading