Great Screamo: onlynowIseethelight – “High Standards”

onlynowiseethelight “High Standards” Demo What a great screamo band.  Sense of humor, those wonderful throat-ripping vocals, killer guitar riffs, great lyrics; onlynowiseethelight has it all.  Coming from all over the the US, onlynowiseethelight is comprised of Gabe: Guitar, Vocals, Bass; Niklas: Drums; … Continue Reading

Noisecore Serbian Style: sueisntfine – “this is sueisntfine, nice to meet you”

sueisntfine “this is sueisntfine, nice to meet you” descend from ever giving a fuck sueisntfine is a one man screamo/powerviolence/noisecore band hailing from Belgrade, Serbia.  Dudes, that’s all you ever need to know, and the fact this sueisntfine is probably one … Continue Reading