Synth Pop Masterpiece: Saint Marilyn – “Frustrate Me”

Saint Marilyn “Frustrate Me” What a great song.  The single marries hazy psych-pop synths, dub scattered drumbeats, and spine-chilling vocals.  As their bio states, Saint Marilyn is analog synthesizer pop from Brooklyn, NY. A creative collaboration between vocalist/drummer Che Houston and bassist/keyboardist Kevin … Continue Reading

The Nursery shares comedic indie rock song “Everybody’s Famous”

Toronto/New York-based indie rock outfit The Nursery is drawing ears, laughs, and a swarm of followers to their unique brand of new new wave, synth pop, and dramatic indie rock. The quartet’s have just shared their most recent track “Everybody’s … Continue Reading

Synth-Pop Dreams: Late Nite Cable – “Hold You Back”

Late Nite Cable “Hold You Back” Guys, please release that EP you keep promising.  The new single by Late Nite Cable is the best synth-pop song I’ve heard since Cocteau Twins and Portishead were together. The musicians: Pete Roessler – songwriter/vocals/guitar/synth/keys/production; … Continue Reading

HEAR: Electronica Gold – Rush Midnight – Listen Now

We’re very excited about Rush Midnight (aka Russ Manning) releasing his self-titled debut LP a week early. This piece of electronic art that is a hypnotizing and pleasure-filled listening experience. A synth-driven album full of dynamically consistent material. Every electronic … Continue Reading