Live Review: Neil Diamond in Salt Lake City


I just came from the Neil Diamond show in Salt Lake City, Utah and I was blown away. Neil Diamond at 76 years old is the consummate performer. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and for many Salt Lake residents this might be there last opportunity to see the iconic performer. What I was most impressed by Neil Diamond that at the age of 76 he performed over 20 songs, some of which included him playing guitar and interacted with the crowd with ease like someone in their 20s. He performed many of his well known hits such as one of my personal favorites “You Got to Me”. Neil Diamond is an icon. How many artists have sold more than a 100 million records? How many artists will ever win Grammys or be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

What makes Neal iconic is that the songs he has written over the years mostly have universal themes that anyone can relate to. This is why Neal Diamond after 50 years can still pack arenas. Neil Diamond has had a storybook career and I feel privileged to have witnessed him perform. It is like watching a meteor shower. Neil Diamond like his song “Done Too Soon” which he also performed will one day join the ranks of the great people that he mentions and prove his mortality, but hopefully that day won’t be anytime soon and you have an opportunity to witness Neil Diamond perform on tour as he still has over 50 tour dates all over the world, see if your city is on the list

I highly recommend putting a Neil Diamond show on your list of things to do if he is coming to a city near you. I’ve been to a number of shows over the years but Neil Diamond sets the bar. I was impressed by his showmanship and endurance. While I must admit that I wasn’t familiar with all of his songs I will be a Neil Diamond fan until the day I die. He is the type of artist that 50 years from now people will still be talking about.

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