Samuel D. Sanders One of Most Talented Artists You’ve Never Heard Of

Samuel D. Sanders is a talented singer that won’t necessarily blow you away with his vocals but he can definitely carry a note. He makes soulful music which in this generation its hardly any comparison but he reminds me of Ne-yo style wise. He has two albums under his belt which include Thinking Out Loud and Impossible. His biggest hurdle as an artist is that his music doesn’t really fit in with the mindless trash that dominates mainstream radio. Nonetheless this a true artist.


Songs such as “Make You Mine” where he attempts to win the heart of his love object and “15” which tackles the subject of lost love and relationships showcase his ability to tackle subjects that are reoccurring in his music which is relationships. A more pop type oriented song is “Wreckage Incomplete” which shows his diversity.

With the right producer and songwriter team behind him, the sky is the limit for Samuel D. Sanders. I would like to see more visuals such as a music video for some of these works to get a better understanding of him as an artist.

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