Soul Band The Internet Streams New LP Feel Good

You would expect that a band called The Internet would look something like Devo but this band is smooth and full of soul. Not just your typical soul music the Internet delves off into unchartered landscapes creating mythical compositions that seem to pull the listener into a dream state. The band is streaming their current LP, Feel Good, now check it out above.

The Internet
Feel Good
(September 24th, Odd Future Records)

1. Tellem (Intro)
2. Sunset (feat. Yuna)
3. Dont’cha
4. You Don’t Even KNow (feat. Tay Walker)
5. Pupil | The Patience
6. Red Balloon
7. Cloud Of Our Own
8. Runnin’ (feat. Tay Walker)
9. Matts Apartment
10. Shadow Dance
11. Wanders Of The Mind (feat. Mac Miller)
12. Partners In Crime Part Two
13. Higher Times (feat. Jesse Boykins III)

For more information about The Internet visit their website:

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