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Bitterness Never Sounded So Sweet: Saint Marilyn – “Burn Burn Burn”

  • March 6, 2018
  • 1 min read
Bitterness Never Sounded So Sweet:  Saint Marilyn – “Burn Burn Burn”
Photo Cred: Jacque Donaldson

Saint Marilyn

“Burn Burn Burn”


Saint Marilyn is back with their smooth, dark dream pop, more nightmare with “Burn Burn Burn”.  Only Che Houston and Kevin Marksson can come with a sound like this.  When Houston sings, “I hope you burn”, you know she means it, and what did you do, you bastard!!!!!  This is a tight, swirling song with synths, bass, and drums galore.  This time, self-producing and recording with friends, Houston and Marksson stripped their music back to it’s essential layers—melodies, drums, and bass—before adding their signature synthesizers to the mix. Eventually the band enlisted the help of Chris Coady, whose seasoned abilities as a mix engineer for synth-driven rock bands like Future Islands and Beach House made him the perfect partner to complete the team’s creative vision.  And what a dark, bitter vision these guys have.  I totally love it.  This song makes Mazzy Star sound happy.  What an accomplishment.

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