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Blistering: A Shadow Of Jaguars – “Don’t Want To Die Here”

  • October 15, 2017
  • 1 min read
Blistering:  A Shadow Of Jaguars – “Don’t Want To Die Here”

A Shadow Of Jaguar

“Don’t Want To Die Here”


My ears are still ringing.  What a frickin band.  Take the White Stripes, and turn the volume and the spirit up 1500 notches.  This duo can strip paint off an old warehouse in Youngstown (there’s a lot of heavy lead in those warehouses).  WOW.  A Shadow Of Jaguar is a duo made up of Brian Hubbert (lead vocals, slide guitar, bass) and Andrew Oakley (drums, vocals). The duo found it’s origins in their hometown of Boulder, CO, in 2015, where they sought to make music they weren’t yet hearing on the rock scene. Thank God that they decided to.  This is some of the best music I’ve heard forever.  Hubbert’s slide guitar is unbelievably full, and Oakley’s drumming keeps the songs moving forward and fills in any of the blank spots that Hubbert might leave open.  And live, these guys are tremendous.  They like audience participation, and that makes this THE BAND to see.

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