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Shakespearian Drama: Nurses – “Yours To Keep”

  • October 15, 2017
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Shakespearian Drama:  Nurses – “Yours To Keep”
Press photo by Chantal Anderson


“Yours To Keep”


What a great, odd sound.  Nurses do not sound like anyone else, and that is great.  There is something Shakespearian about their grasp on life and how they share it.  Nurses is the long-running musical project of Aaron Chapman and John Bowers. Raised in the isolated and predominantly Mormon town of Idaho Falls, Idaho, the duo met through music and a shared restlessness that is still evident in their music today. The project has seen many iterations, but the common thread of making the strange seem familiar—and the familiar strange—remains.  This is one of the things they do so well.  Listen to Nurses.  The ride is strange yet familiar.  So very Hamlet with a mixture of As You Like It.  I really love this band.  They make you think.  “Yours To Keep” is wonderful as it weaves the joys of new relations while contemplating the chance of failure.  The definite circle of life.

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