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Brits Rock: Free Galaxy – “Everlasting”

  • February 11, 2018
  • 1 min read
Brits Rock:  Free Galaxy – “Everlasting”
Zakk Andrew Poland

Free Galaxy


Coming out of Kenilworth, UK, Free Galaxy proves that those Brits understand Power Punk better than anybody else.  This is a great single, filled with great riffs and wonderful vocals.  (I am a sucker for harmonies).  Sounding like nobody but themselves, this band has carved a niche that I thought had died when the power pop bands of the ’80’s and 90’s like the Offspring and Eve 6 had gotten too old to rock.  Free Galaxy is a welcome addition to this long tradition, and they should be crowned the kings of Power Punk.  Comprised of Ciaran O’Sullivan, Luke Osmond, Harry Rogers, and Callum Ward, this is the band of future.  Rock On.

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