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Chaos: Dionisyan – “In The Mirror Of My Soul”

  • December 11, 2017
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Chaos:  Dionisyan – “In The Mirror Of My Soul”


“In The Mirror Of My Soul”

Delirium and Madness – Concerto Grosso Opera N° 2 in G Minor 

And now for something completely different.  Dionisyan is not your normal rock band; in fact, they are actually classical music redone with a dark Goth/Doom metal format.  The Band Members are:  Tregor Russo: ( all instruments in the studio: 7-strings Electric Guitars, Classical Guitar, 5-strings Bass, Drums, Harpschord and also Compositions, Arrangements, Orchestrations & Lyrics ) – Silvia Balistreri: Lead and backing Vocals – Alessandro Basso; Bass.  Really, the “band” is Russo, and his idea is to incorporate metal with classical fittings to create a new musical avenue he calls “Symphonic Baroque / Atmospheric Doom Metal”.  This is beautiful, intense music.  As Russo states:

” I reworked and revisited the polyrhythmic contrapuntal polyphony of baroque music modernizing with my compositional style, adapting in all the music that i composed, arranged, orchestrated, recorded, performed in the Ultrasuoni Studio – Palermo, Italy ( 7-strings electric guitars, classical guitar, 5-strings bass, drums, harpsichord and organ, and also the other classical instruments; violins, violas, cellos, oboe, flute and harp that was performed and recorded by my academic colleague as special guests ) and wrote the lyrics for the second album of my DIONISYAN band”.

Just as in Greek mythology, Dionysus is the god of irrationality and chaos, appealing to emotions and instincts, Dionisyan (the band) is the band of irrationality and chaos.  This is deep, disturbing music that is not for wimps.  Let the festival begin.

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