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Coldwave: Second Still – “You Two So Alike”

  • April 8, 2017
  • 1 min read

Second Still

“You Two So Alike”

Second Still

I love Coldwave/Post Punk, and Second Still delivers everything that makes the genre so wonderful.  An almost Gothic sense of melody, beautiful vocals with wonderful yelps that add to the intensity, and a driving beat; these are the wonderful qualities of this great LA-based trio.

The cathartic, sentimental and emotionally sensitive lyrics are juxtaposed by an indifferent, unflinching, steady drum machine beats, making these unrelenting post-punk tracks feel anthemic.

This description is so apt.  This band has a lot of mystery.  What a wonderful band.  There is some Alley Cats sound to them, but they definitely have a sound of their own.

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