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Shoegaze Melody: Souvenir Driver – “Voices Of A Traveler”

  • April 8, 2017
  • 1 min read

Souvenir Driver

“Voices Of A Traveler”

Souvenir Driver

Tremendous Shoegazer music from a band that knows when to feedback, when to not.  With great vocals and intelligent lyrics, Souvenir Driver has added a much needed punch to the genre.  The band’s Nate Wey explains that the song, “Voices Of A Traveler”, is about a person who “wanted to change their past so much, they go back in time regardless of the consequences.”  Coming from Portland, OR, Souvenir Driver is made up of Travis Hendricks, Ethan Homan, Bob Mild, and Nate Wey.  Together, they have a sound that certainly stands out.  The fact that they recorded the album in an isolated cabin just adds mystery to the whole sound.  I really love this band.  They have a sound that you’re going to love.  They remind me of My Bloody Valentine with a keener sense of melody.

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