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Coming Home: morgxn – “home” ft. WALK THE MOON

  • September 23, 2018
  • 1 min read
Coming Home:  morgxn – “home” ft. WALK THE MOON


“home” ft. WALK THE MOON

morgxn singing this song with WALK THE MOON frontman Nicholas Petricca is really nothing short of heaven.  Also, the beat just keeps your head and feet moving.  I love the lyrics.  It is so true, as Dorothy discovered, you need to leave home to realize how much you appreciate home.  No matter where you go, home is calling.

morgxn about the single: “When Nicholas from WALK THE MOON joined me at Lollapalooza on this song I felt something cosmic in that moment and the idea was born to make a new version. How often do you get to step back on the mic and sing with the feeling of singing in Paris, London, Berlin, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Chicago, New York, Nashville…
How often do you get to sing a song already knowing it has changed your life?

This is a beautiful song that brings out the nostalgia in all of us without being maudlin, which is a definite trick that is hard to pull off.  (I have to get back to Youngstown soon)

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