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Dark Romance: Spiryt – “Le Gardien Des Secrets”

  • September 23, 2018
  • 1 min read
Dark Romance:  Spiryt – “Le Gardien Des Secrets”


“Le Gardien Des Secrets”


This is amazing music.  Spiryt is a french artist who has been making great, atmospheric music since the mid 80’s but refuses to play the game.  His music is moody, dark, atmospheric, perfect for a midnight walk in your nearest ancient cemetery.  As the bio says:

This album provides a beautiful sound of darkness with the mental stimulation that takes you on a journey to another dimension. As you listen you will travel to corners of your inner soul that have not been explored but crave for attention. Take a journey with Spiryt.

That is the best summation of this beautiful album.  I say Underworld is the perfect soundtrack for Tannith Lee or HR Lovecraft.  Check it out.  In fact, on Samhain, but on this album and enjoy the dark.

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