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DIY Garage: Hinds – “Warts”

  • November 27, 2016
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Leave Me Alone

Hinds are such a great band.  They have that sense of difference that made The Slits and Essential Login and X-Ray Spex so special:  that I don’t give a damn, DIY attitude that so great in rock n roll, and so often missing.  Forming in Spain in 2011, Hinds (originally Deers) are comprised of Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar), Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar), Ade Martin (bass, backing vocals) and Amber Grimbergen (drums).  They are definitely a great band, combining the Velvet Underground, The Vaccines, and 60’s garage rock and pop to create a sound that is strictly their own.  Anyone who loves garage rock will absolutely love this band.  I know I do.

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