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Light In The Dark: The Y Axes – “Meteorite”

  • November 27, 2016
  • 1 min read


The Y Axes



What a tremendous pop band.  They remind of a modern day Letters to Cleo.  According to their bio:

 The Y Axes were formed in 2010 by Alexi Rose Belchere (vocals) and Devin Nelson (guitar/vocals/synths) as a side project to the other bands they were in at the time. After years of dropping DIY releases and adding and dropping members, the band finally arrived at its current iteration with Jack Sundquist (bass) and Nick Schneider (drums) rounding out the latest iteration of the quartet.


“An Umbra is the point of total obscuration in a shadow or eclipse, which while dark, can only be produced by a bright light, shares Nelson. “Our music has always had elements of light and dark, balancing between being fun and upbeat while being simultaneously solemn and melancholic.”

The description of their music as an umbra is perfect.  I love this metaphor.  I’ve believed only in the shadow can a pale light be truly seen, be it the soul or the music the soul makes.  The Y Axes make music of the soul, in all its brightness and darkness.

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