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Dream Pop: Geographer – “Read My Mind”

  • February 28, 2018
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Dream Pop:  Geographer – “Read My Mind”


“Read My Mind”

About Time

It’s amazing how sometimes tragedy creates the best music.  Take the example of Michael Deni, aka as Geographer.  In the summer of 2005, after a series of deaths in the family, Deni left his hometown in New Jersey for San Francisco. He spent the next several months with a synthesizer he found on the street, turning that tragedy into the songs that would become the foundation for Geographer. Deni played his first shows by lying to promoters about how many people he could bring, handing out fliers by hand, and doing anything he could to get on stage. He built that hard work into selling out venues, and definitely deservedly.  Geographer has one of those voices, like Sam Smith, that takes you in and actually transforms you.  Geographer is Mike Deni – Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Synth, Saxophone and his live band is Joyce Lee – Cello, Synth; Duncan Nielsen – Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals; and Cody Rhodes – Drums.  Tremendous voice, tremendous song.  And I love this quote of Geographer’s:

Everybody’s always asking me, what’s your story. But I don’t have one. Not one you can sell, or write about, or tweet about. Things have happened to me. And they made me do other things, which brought me here. But if you’re looking for the who or the why, I’m just out here every day, getting the music inside my head into my computer, or my friends’ computers, so it can get into your ears. I have a complicated relationship with life. But a very simple relationship with music. I think it’s beautiful, and it’s always swirling around in my head. It’s a chord that binds us together, it’s an echo from a past we don’t remember, and it’s a promise of a future that we will never come true.

Jump on Geographer’s band wagon.  He’s going to be huge.

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