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Exile On Main Street Revisited: The Flux Machine – “Toxic Love”

  • December 9, 2015
  • 1 min read

the flux machine1

The Flux Machine

“Toxic Love”


The brainchild of Luis Accorsi (vocals) and Raphael Sepulveda (production), The Flux Machine were formed in late 2014, after Sepulveda responded to an ad Accorsi had placed for a music producer. Finding mutual influences in artists including The Rolling Stones, New York Dolls and Foo Fighters, the two began to write and record their own songs. By May 2015, The Flux Machine had completed 12 original tracks, which would become the listing for their debut record, Louder!.  This song kicks ass.  Sometimes, you just need some ass kicking music in your life.  The Flux Machine covers that well.  They do sound like the early 70’s Rolling Stones, especially Exile On Main Street.  Thanks guys.  This is stereo blasting music.  You know how your iPod says, Don’t Go Above This Level;  screw that, turn “Toxic Love” all the way up.

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