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Hear – Militia Vox – “Rid of Me”

  • October 26, 2014
  • 1 min read

militia vox

The impossible has just happened.  Someone, in this case Militia Vox, has covered a Polly Harvey song and actually captured the anger, the desperate, the pure violence of the PJ original.  Vox has done created an original version of the classic and made it her own.  To this reviewer, PJ Harvey is god and to cover her blasphemy, but Vox has done it.  And the occupying video demonstrates the extreme emotions of the songs.  ”Rid of Me” is a song of obsessive gone to the highest level, and Vox captures all that, disturbingly well.  Vox deserves to be heard everywhere, and her version is perfect for all those people who need a new Halloween psychological thrill/chill.

Militia Fox

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