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Heart Of New York: London Plane – “Roxanne”

  • April 29, 2018
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Heart Of New York:  London Plane – “Roxanne”
Photo Credit: David Flores

London Plane


New York Howl

This is a great mix of past and future.  Harking back to the great music of the 80’s with that futuristic production, London Plane have succeeded in balancing between the two eras, bringing something new and fresh to the scene.  I love how their press succinctly describes their sound:

New York Howl, LONDON PLANE’S forthcoming album (May 2018) is speckled with bits of Bowie and his disciples – Echo and The Bunnymen, Peter Murphy, Siouxsie Sioux – while also nodding to the girl group sound of 1960’s Ronnie Spector, occasionally conjured by Cici’s vocals, but also decidedly modern. Juxtaposing the melodic blitz of the Ronnettes with the melancholic pathos of Dark Wave predecessors, adding splashes of Morricone’s cinematic modern operas, LONDON PLANE redefines the landscape of New York City’s underground indie-rock music scene (quite literally as the band calls Manhattan subterranean venue Berlin “home”). Rooted in the moment, the band gives no inward looks. Songs tear through their arrangements (“getting on with it” as described by RockNerd UK), easily shifting dynamics from quiet to quick, low to loud, ever brief and danceable.

Made up of David Mosey, Jessica Elizabeth Cole, Kristofer Widholm, Bryan Garbe, Julian Tulip, and Grant Parker, London Plane proves how Bowie shaped everything, and how there is still energy and innovation left in music.  Thank you guys for being you.

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