Distopian Future: ShapeShiftingAliens – “Fade Away”

ShapeShiftingAliens “Fade Away” ShapeShiftingAliens ShapeShiftingAliens is a Swedish duo, consisting of Johan Cléve on vocals and Niklas Rundquist, also known as solo artist by the monker Brainshadow. This duo delves the darkest parts of Bowie’s Tin Machine and Trent Reznor and mixes them in an … Continue Reading

Powerful Beauty: Scarlet Sails – “Upside Down”

Scarlet Sails “Upside Down” A new single from Scarlet Sails; exactly what this world needs, and it’s a complete killer.  Russian born singer-songwriter, Olya Viglione and Dresden Dolls drummer, Brian Viglione (also known as a best looking couple in rock), have put out a record … Continue Reading

Daring Concepts: Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show – “Tin Laurel”

  Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show “Tin Laurels” Catherine Dalton Deschain is releasing one of a trio of albums, and this first release is one the greatest ideas for a concept album since Amanda Palmer and Jason Wembley’s Evelyn Evelyn. … Continue Reading