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VOTE!: Benyaro – “Too Many Men”

  • November 5, 2016
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“Too Many Men”

Ben Musser, front man from Benyaro, has an unbelievable, Bowie-like voice.  He is truly magnificent.  I have to quote Musser about his video for “Too Many Men”:

Our “TOO MANY MEN” music video has proven to be too provocative for any media outlet to publish. This is not surprising given the safe zone in which mainstream media currently operates.  We realize we’re going out on a limb, but we feel strongly about using our art to speak up. There is so much to discuss and so few artists are provoking political discussion. This is our attempt. The video’s intense, but stick with it & we hope you’ll feel moved. Please watch and share if you agree that we need to continue discussing. Thank you for your support, & please #vote early, or on November 8.
This video and song is a warning not to take elections in a blase matter.  Life is too important.  Oftentimes, we in the media live a sheltered life, but this election is way too important, especially for LGBTQ community, women everywhere, and non-whites, all groups horridly brutalize by people like Trump.  Listen to this song, sing along to this song, enjoy this song, but please, PLEASE, pay attention.  Vote your conscience.

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