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Questions To Ask: Paperhaus – “Go Cozy”

  • August 24, 2017
  • 1 min read
Questions To Ask:  Paperhaus – “Go Cozy”
Album Artwork by Nate Lewis


“Go Cozy”

Are These Questions That We Need To Ask?

Just the title of the new album by Paperhaus will get you thinking.  Really, is there a limit to what we need to know?  The world is scary enough, but let’s talk about great music instead.  Paperhaus certainly provides and with plenty of talent to go around.  On second hand, Paperhaus wants us to ask those difficult questions, because without questions we won’t get answers.  I love the fact that Paperhaus doesn’t provide the answers.  Coming from Washington, DC, Paperhaus consists of founding member Alex Tebeleff (vocals/synth/guitar), and current members Matt Dowling (vocals/bass), Rick Irby (guitar) and Danny Bentley (drums). The band is inspired by a wide variety of artistsm like Bowie and Kraftwerk and LCD Soundsystem.   This is a great band for difficult times.  It’s time to think and dance at the same time.  With Paperhaus’ help, we can ask those questions and find the answers together.

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