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Intimacy Through Association: Papercuts – “Laughing Man”

  • September 3, 2018
  • 1 min read
Intimacy Through Association:  Papercuts – “Laughing Man”


“Laughing Man”

Parallel Universe Blues

There is something mysterious going on in this gorgeous pop song.  Nothing is as it seems, and no real activity is occurring, just fragments of dreams encased in beautiful 90s sounding pop with vocals just far enough in the background to play up the mystery.  The guitar sounds like Robert Smith, yet the vocals Jason Quever are unique.  I love the intimacy of Quever’s vocals.  It’s like you’re in therapy with him playing word association, yet through the association, a complete message comes through.  Quever does wear his influences on his sleeve (Eno, Velvet Underground, Jesus and Mary Chain), yet he has subverted the influences to his own vision.  All his songs on the new album are different yet that distinctive voice is amazing.  This is someone that is worth the notice.  Congrats on the new label.

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