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Left Of The Dial: AMFMS – “The Girl”

  • December 7, 2015
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“The Girl”


With a rakish frontman evocative of dead 70’s rock icons and taut live rhythm section, the Baltimore-DC area band AMFMS’ music straddles a fine line between lo-fi basement tapes and vintage 80’s college radio hooks; a strange place where fuzzy glam or psych seduces and then sleeps with post punk.  AMFMS are made up of Shawn Kyle – Vocals, Guitars, Matt Rose – Drums, Vocals, Sam Wetterau – Bass, Vocals, Kitt Whitacre – Guitars, Vocals, and Brandon McBride – Electric Piano, Guitars, Vocals.  Their sound is a lot like college radio when radio was great.  Grab a little Cure, some Echo and Julian Cope, a little Sonic Youth, and throw in originality (God, what a new concept, seriously) and you get AMFMS.  I remember traveling in college towns, looking for that station left of the dial, and hoping something like AMFMS comes out of the speakers.  What a great band.

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