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Music As Therapy: Decreek – “Fool”

  • June 17, 2018
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Music As Therapy:  Decreek – “Fool”



My Story

Decreek is one of the new rockers that are just turning the music scene on its head.  Coming from Israel where he suffered from PTSD from military service, he moved to the US and delved into music to recover.  I’m glad music was his outlet, because he is that great.  He has the looks, the voice, the lyrics, and the attitude needed for a great superstar.  Central figure, Guy Azrhan, aka “Decreek”   took his stage name from meaning of his name in Hebrew (“Creek”) and “The”  in Dutch (“De”), which stemmed from his time in Amsterdam.  As Decreek says about his style:

(He) is not one to be boxed in: “I don’t know how to describe my music,” he says. “That’s very hard for me.” Decreek is sure to make waves in 2018!

All I know is I want to be in the water when he drops.  Decreek is going to be big.

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