Demanding Brilliance: Yonatan Gat – “Cue The Machines”

Yonatan Gat “Cue The Machines” Universalists And now for something completely different.  Yonatan Gat has created a musical experience unlike anything most of you have ever heard.  “The undefinable track opens with an Italo-Spanish choir recorded by Alan Lomax in 1950s … Continue Reading

Eternally Beautiful – Ziv Shalit – “אבא לא יודע הכל – יונתן בלומנפלד וזיו שליט”

Ziv Shalit  זיו שליט “אבא לא יודע הכל – יונתן בלומנפלד וזיו שליט” I have no idea what  Ziv Shalit, is singing, but with a voice like his, who cares.  I know this is one of the greatest voices I … Continue Reading