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Leave But Can’t Leave: Grace Blue – “Our Eyes”

  • June 24, 2017
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Grace Blue

“Our Eyes”

Grace Blue

It’s rare when a song is as beautifully produced and performed as the video is this day and age of video supremacy, but “Our Eyes” even outshines the beautiful video.  Grace Blue is an alternative-pop music duo based in Los Angeles, California.The music duo, who originally met at their hometown Tel-aviv, Israel, consists of vocalist Grace Mogz and keyboard player Joseph Arazi.  The video itself is set Dzembronya,Ukraine.  The video and the narrative work together so well.  I think we all understand the whole feeling of loving the place you live but being filled with this wonder and need to leave yet cannot.  I love this song.  Mogz’ voice is unbelievably clear and beautiful in a Florence-type way, and Arazi’s keyboard lifts Mogz’ voice to great heights.  I want to travel now, yet stay at home.  Oh, I especially love the Ukrainian bagpipes at the end.  Perfect, guys.

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