Darkness With Brightness: GemelaDual – “Golden Sleepwalker”

GemelaDual “Golden Sleepwalker” What a wonderfully dark sound “Golden Sleepwalker” has.  The production is delightfully underlit, like a painting by Rembrandt or Geetgen toot Sin Jans, where light only shines on parts of the whole.  In “Golden Sleepwalker”, the vocals … Continue Reading

French Electronica Expressionism: Steevo Nuissier – “L’Eveil de la Raison”

Steevo Nuissier “L’Eveil de la Raison” Steevo Nuissier has released enough beautifully dark electronica magic, this time in his native French, which, somehow, sounds darker and more intense than anything Nuissier has done yet.  This to me sounds like something … Continue Reading

Celtic Nordic Forest Music: Parabola West – “Calling Your Name”

Parabola West “Calling Your Name” American born, New Zealand-base Amy Tucker West has pulled off the amazing trick of combining Nordic and Celtic traditions with the lush electronica of Enya without sounding old or rehash.  A combination of Eivur and CHVRCHES, … Continue Reading

The New New Wave: Moist (feat. Maria Marcus) – “Traces”

Moist feat. vocalist Maria Marcus “Traces” Lavine From Söderhamn, Sweden, Moist is the solo moniker of producer, artist and remixer David Elfström Lilja. The new LP includes 10 tracks with vocals by Maria Marcus, a Swedish multi-platinum songwriter and music producer currently based in … Continue Reading

Beauty In The Shadows: Steevo Nuissier – “Camouflage”

Steevo Nuissier “Camouflage” Steevo Nuissier, the master electronica multi-instrumentalist out there, has a new single, and it is a killer.  The instrumentation is so hidden in plain hearing, and Nuissier’s voice is pleading and rough, which adds such wonder to … Continue Reading

Dark Dance: Nikki Oniyome – “Dance”

Nikki Oniyome “Dance” Sui/Mizu Nikki Oniyome has this unbelievably dark and sexy voice, making even this nu-dance song more than just dance, but more a midnight ceremony.  As her bio states: Nikki Oniyome 鬼嫁日記 is Scandinavian indietronica music project with … Continue Reading

Genius All Around: Steevo Nuissier – “A Scene (Live Rehearsal)”

Steevo Nuissier “A Scene (Live Rehearsal)” When Steevo Nuissier puts out any new music, I always pay attention.  Steevo is one of the most intelligent and talented performer out there.  Sometimes, as in this Live Rehearsal, he seems to be … Continue Reading