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Life Affirming: Elephant Heart – “Lenguas”

  • July 14, 2019
  • 1 min read
Life Affirming:  Elephant Heart – “Lenguas”

Elephant Heart


Elephant Heart is probably the most original band out there.  The duo of Jason and Victoria Evigan have formed a world music collective to make music designed to connect us all in ways only art can accomplish.  Combining musical traditions from all over with visual art spectacles, Elephant Heart has produced a song that speaks to the soul of Planet Earth.

The duo says, “The songs have no actual words it’s all just spirit language. We hope that it can tap into spirit and be your inner warrior song. A good cry or a loud scream can say a lot of words when no words are spoken.  Honestly just looking into someone’s eyes with no words can say a million words. That’s kinda what we were doing with this song. It’s the inner warrior inside me crying out. English isn’t her first language.”

Elephant Heart is dedicated to uniting us all in the one spirit of Life.  And it works.  This is beautiful music.

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