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Musicphile’s Discovery of the Year. Weekend is complete

  • January 30, 2014
  • 1 min read


Back in the day (1981), Young Marble Giants was dissolving, and Allison Statton started playing together with “Spike” Williams and Simon Booth, recording dark, swirling music. Blackest Ever Black is releasing in March 2014 on black vinyl the demos for the music that would be released by their new band Weekend.  Red Planes is a swirling, Enoesque track that has a beautiful, ambient feeling driven by a powerful bass with Statton’s vocals floating above the mix in an ethereal, other-worldly way.  Clocking in at 8:55, this track actually feels too short.  The release of these demos is a great boon to the musicphile. 

7½ stars out of 10

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