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New Wave Today: Young Guv – “Traumatic”

  • May 31, 2017
  • 1 min read
Screenshot from “Traumatic” Music Video

Young Guv


Traumatic 7″

What a great sound.  Ben Cook is, among many other things, the very industrious Young Guv.  From acting to writing/producing to playing guitar and screaming in hardcore bands, Guv has done it all and is well on his way to seeing it all as well.  “Traumatic” has that wonderful, 80’s New Wave sound updated with hidden levels of interesting backgrounds going on.  This is a tremendous song, from the programmed groove to the understated rhythm guitar to the stutter vocals.  I listen to Young Guv right now, and I’m reminded of the Shoes and Dwight Twilley.  This is a great sound.  Take a double trip, to the past and to the future.

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