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Original Asskickers: American Evil – “Evil Things”

  • February 12, 2017
  • 1 min read

American Evil

“Evil Things”

What a band.  This is one of the greatest rock bands out there.  I love the power, the energy, the fuck you attitude, the talent, the riffs, the vocals.  I miss music like this, when people actually played kick ass music.  American Evil (my kind of evil) are made up of Tony Reed – Vocals; Russell Zellers – Guitar; Robert Kauffman – Guitar; Mike Soxy – Bass; and Jeb Stroup- Drums.  Reed is one of those marvels of lead singers.  He reminds me of the force of Ian Gillan or Iggy, not in sound maybe, cuz Reed is a great original singer, not a clone, but more in in-your-face style.  I missed their show in Altoona, but you guys don’t be a dick like me and miss them.  This is the live show to see.

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