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Post Punk Dark Beauty: Tiny Fighter – “Tell Me”

  • February 24, 2019
  • 1 min read
Post Punk Dark Beauty:  Tiny Fighter – “Tell Me”
Rob Fitzgerald.

Tiny Fighter

“Tell Me”

Tell Me

What a great band.  With vocals that remind one of Shirley Manson or Greta Van Etten, Tiny Fighters share their dark vision of the world with a great poppy musical backdrop.  Therese Karlsson (a truck driver from Kalmar in southern Sweden) and Tim Spelman (a doctor from Melbourne, Australia) met in Stockholm and began collaborating in 2017. Tiny Fighter quickly expanded into a 5-piece with the addition of Tommy Wilen, Marcus Wallberg and Robin Zimmermann, bringing all the dynamics and volume of their recorded material on to the stage.  Karlsson’s deadpan singing fits the material so well.  This is a great addition to that wonderful musical tradition of Sweden and Australia, taking the best from both and attuning us to Tiny Fighters’ unique vision.

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