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Prime Time: YJY – “Past My Time”

  • October 16, 2016
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“Past My Prime”

The Same Noise

This is the song that Blink 182 and the Offspring have always wanted to put out.  For all of us aging Baby Boomers and Gen X who were punks, this song so closely hits home.  I love YJY, and they are the most fun band since Weezer came out.  That Fuzz Pop sound they have is so tight, yet so much fun.  Lead singer/guitarist Steve Sachs says about this song:

“At the time Past My Prime was written, I had very recently gone to see my friend’s band, Con Leche, and I was really blown away by what they were doing. Musically, ‘Past My Prime’ was kind of a conscious attempt at doing something in their style. The lyrics were actually written in the shower. I was thinking about something I’d heard about a kid I went to high school with. Someone told me he cried at the end of senior year because in, his words ‘I already know these were the best years of my life’. 
I was just making myself laugh by coming up with little couplets and suddenly I realized I had both verses finished. I rushed out of the shower, grabbed the guitar and finished the song. When it came time to make a video for ‘Past My Prime,’ we enlisted the help of our long time friend, and Face Off Season 10 semi-finalist, Mel Licata. Mel is a fantastic makeup artist, and we knew she would be able to help us accomplish what we saw in our heads when we conceptualized the video. We’re really grateful for her hard work, and we’re very proud of how the video turned out.”
This song succeeds on so many levels, and it hits home.  But like YJY, we aging punkers are going to keep going, no matter what.

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