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Psychedelic Folk: Deerhunter – “Death In Midsummer”

  • November 4, 2018
  • 1 min read
Psychedelic Folk: Deerhunter – “Death In Midsummer”


“Death In Midsummer”

Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared

Deerhunter is one of the most intense bands.  Sometimes they sound like the Byrds, then they get way more psychedelic than even McGuinn and McGuire were capable of.  Comprised of Bradford Cox, Lockett Pundt, Moses Archuleta, and Josh Mckay, Deerhunter has that road-worried sound I love so much.  They are on tour right now, and their album is being released in January.  I recommend you listening to this.  And I am seeing them in March in Pittsburgh.  I cannot wait.  What a band.

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