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Rock and Roll: KT Tunstall – “The River”

  • August 26, 2018
  • 1 min read
Rock and Roll:  KT Tunstall – “The River”

KT Tunstall

“The River”


KT Tunstall has put the rock back in rock music.   Scotland born and now Los Angeles based, KT sounds a little like Lita Ford, which is definitely a complement.  Yet her approach to music is comparable to Tom Petty, approaching affairs of the heart with a reality to Petty would be proud of.  KT takes her place with the greats of power pop with this wonderful work.  Live, she just throws herself into the music.  This is the direction I think Melissa Etheridge would have wanted to go.  All I know, I am hitching my wagon to KT Tunstall’s rising star.  I recommend you all to do so also.

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