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Songs In The Key Of WOW: Sonny Falls – “Easy To Lose”

  • July 22, 2018
  • 1 min read
Songs In The Key Of WOW:  Sonny Falls – “Easy To Lose”

Sonny Falls

“Easy To Lose”

Some Kind Of Spectre

One of the strangest but greatest band I’ve heard for a while.  Think a harder sounding Neutral Milk Hotel.  You never know what Ryan “Hoagie” Wesley Ensley is going to throw out at you.  His music is definitely personal and odd.  Just watch him maneuver through the video for “Easy To Lose”.  He’s moves like a genius.  This time, he is backed up by the rhythm section of drummer Calvin Schaller and bassist Jeff Perlman who joyride with the signature lead guitar of Anthony Santoro to rocket the songs light years beyond the domain of singer-songwriter tropes.  This ain’t no James Taylor.  This is songwriting for the era of despair.  I love this band.  Sonny Falls is on permanent play on my ipod.  They should be on yours too.

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