From The Ashes: The Low Anthem – “Cy Twombly By Campfire”

The Low Anthem Cy Twombly By Campfire The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea From Providence, RI, come the strangest band since Neutral Milk Hotel.  This is a great band, using many different sounds and beautiful … Continue Reading

When Nightmares Come True: Melanie Martinez – “Mad Hatter”

Melanie Martinez “Mad Hatter” Cry Baby This is what happens when Tim Burton movies come to life.  You get this frightening video by Melanie Martinez.  Martinez has a tremendous voice, and her character as the Cry Baby is actually realistic … Continue Reading

Musical Revolution: Just Like The Country – “Forty-Five”

Just Like The Country “Forty-Five” Thermidorian Reaction Any band that makes an album based on the French Revolution is bound to get my attention.  Especially when they use the names of the months decreed by the Republic in 1792, called the … Continue Reading

Childhood Dreams Made Real: STaG – “Colorado – Suicidal”

STaG “Colorado – Suicidal” Don’t Check Out STaG is an interesting band.  Composed of Matthew McGuire, William Walden, Matthew Hampar, Casey Baird, and Tony Denove, the band is basically the dream child of McGuire and Walden.  As McGuire explains in STaG’s bio: StaG is a … Continue Reading

For the Discriminating Aural Palate: The Romantic Era – “Wasted Love’

The Romantic Era “Wasted Love” The Pennsylvania-based, eight-piece, self-produced group, comprised of three vocalists, an emcee, drummer, keyboardist, bass player and guitar player, cross the boundaries of traditional pop music.  The only way I can describe them is imagine Neutral … Continue Reading