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Strange Personal Music: of Montreal – “it’s different for girls”

  • June 2, 2016
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of montreal

of Montreal

“it’s different for girls”

Innocence Reaches

It really is going to be a great summer.  of Montreal is dropping a new album on August 12th.  I am so excited.  of Montreal is one of my very favorite bands; everything they do is so frickin amazing.  They are one of those bands that, when you hear them play, you know immediately who it is.  of Montreal is comprised of Kevin Barnes, singer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter; Clayton Rychlik, drum/keyboards/guitar/bass; Jojo Clidewell, keyboards; Davey Pierce, bass; and Nicholas Dobbratz, Keyboards/percussion/bass/guitar.  Barnes’ songs are unbelievably dense and complex.  Barnes says about this album:

Listening to the album is like watching the film reel of my last year and a half projected on an argentic cloud. It could make me a little self conscious to share, but honesty and vulnerability are never vulgar.

Barnes’ writing is influenced by Sylvia Plath, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Neil Young.  I am so excited about this new album.  I cannot wait.  My summer is now complete.

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