The Summer Of ’19: Paul Den Heyer – “Technicolor Summer Sunshine”

Paul Den Heyer “Technicolor Summer Sunshine” Everything So Far Just in time for summer, Paul Den Heyer has released the most summery album ever, filled with sunshine, fresh cut grass, wild flowers, wild animals, pastoral at its best.  There are … Continue Reading

Melody Echo Chamber’s Psych-Pop “Crystallized” Video

Melody’s Echo Chamber recorded with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker in Perth in the Summer of 2012, “Crystallized” but one of the numerous highlights, a frenetic, scorched pop song that vividly demonstrates Melody Prochet’s talent for blurring the lines between her … Continue Reading

The Vickers – the past reinterpreted to a near perfect future

 The Vickers “She’s Lost” Ghosts The Vickers are a wonderful band from Florence that have just released their new CD, Ghosts.  Their single, “She’s Lost”, is a perfect example on the combination of late 60’s/early 70’s psychedelia with the punch … Continue Reading

An Interview w/ Christopher Prudhomme of Psych-Pop Duo Painted Palms

By Chris Ryan Recently our readers asked us to interview the sensational synth psych-pop duo Painted Palms. We jumped at the opportunity to interview this duo that is quickly stepping up in popularity and below is what we got back … Continue Reading

Psych-Pop Duo Painted Palms Debut “Forever” Video

San Francisco psych-pop duo, Painted Palms, release an all-to psychedelic and trip-tastic video to their heavenly single “Forever.” Face altering effects like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope and a new meaning to ‘body paint’ bring life to their first professionally produced … Continue Reading

Painted Palm’s Master Psychedelia on Forever

For two cousins that resided in separate states for the writing and recording of their debut album, Forever, they’ve not only done a marvelous job crafting a solid record but they’ve made psychedelic pop accessible for the masses. Reese Donohue … Continue Reading

Psych-Pop Band Beaty Heart Debuts “Lekka Freakout”

Peckham psych-pop trio, Beaty Heart, are pleased to announce the first single “Lekka Freakout” to be lifted from their upcoming debut album Mixed Blessings. Due out on November 11 “Lekka Freakout” is the first body of work to be released … Continue Reading