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Beautiful Depression: Car Seat Headrest – “Beach Life-In-Death”

  • June 10, 2018
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Beautiful Depression:  Car Seat Headrest – “Beach Life-In-Death”


Car Seat Headrest

“Beach Life-In-Death”

Twin Fantasy (Face-To-Face)

The good news is Car Seat Headrest has a new album out.  The better news, the band is now a real band.  Will Toledo, who before worked solo under the name, has expanded Car Seat Headrest to a foursome.  The band is now: will toledo, seth dalby (bass), ethan ives (guitar), andrew katz (drums).  This really has filled out the sound a lot.   This, for you who didn’t know, is basically a re-recording of the 2011 edition of Twin Fantasy, which was Toledo’s solo rendition.  The new, fuller album has these great expanded grooves that add such a fullness to the album.  On “Beach Life-In-Death”, the guitar swells like waves, the drums add these ragged beats, while the bass drones in the background, while Toledo intones such diametrically opposed lyrics as “I pretended I was drunk when I came out to my friends/I never came out to my friends.”  To describe Car Seat Headrest, imagine Neutral Milk Hotel singing about a failed relationship (though anyone will identified with Toledo’s bleak outlook).  Check it out.  I am in love with this album.

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