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Soundtrack For Teen Angst: LOYALS – “Hold On”

  • February 4, 2018
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Soundtrack For Teen Angst:  LOYALS – “Hold On”


“Hold On”


Revisiting the past (early 2000’s), hearing music the way we thought it sounded back then, LOYALS are actually better than the Indie Pop bands of the early turn of the century.  Of course there are your comparisons to The 1975’s, and worthy also, but LOYALS are actually catchier and much more fun.  If John Hughes were making movies today, “Hold On” would be the title track to a great movie with Molly Ringwold 30 years younger.  LOYALS is Andrew Gomez (guitar), Evan Thon (bass), and Dane Allen (vocals, guitar).  As their bio states:

The band’s lack of pretension is as refreshing as it is uncommon, their self-assuredness most likely a side effect of the years they’ve spent playing together. “We met when we were teenagers,” Allen says of his bandmates. “We’ve stuck with each other ever since.”The decade-long friendship not only earned them their moniker, but-through practice and experimentation-aided in the cultivation of a pop group that masters the genre.

Only long-standing and deep friendships can make such great, tight music.  LOYALS was released on Groundhog Day.  Even though Punxzatawny Phil (no relation) says six more weeks of winter, at least LOYALS can keep us warm.  

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