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Swirling Darkness: Blancmange – “Distant Storm (Radio Edit)”

  • August 5, 2018
  • 1 min read
Swirling Darkness:  Blancmange – “Distant Storm (Radio Edit)”


“Distant Storm (Radio Edit)”


One of my all time favorite bands, Blancmange just continues to get better and darker.  Their new song, “Distant Storm”, is a beautiful mix of beats and synthesizers swashes in the midst of which Neil Arthur’s voice swirls around.  This is the best song now.  I can say no more.  You need to listen for yourself.  I myself am overwhelmed as always.  Let me say that Blancmange is not some slight, oversweet, French pastry of a band, but a seriously beautiful and deep band not for the weak of heart.

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